Looking for solutions?

Dreaming of relaxed mealtimes? Bedtimes without a struggle?   It's possible! 

You're probably doing fine most of the times. But there are certain routines that you find hard to deal with. Or there might be certain behaviours of your child that are a struggle. Or you might want to help your child but you don't know how. If you can relate to this, then Parenting Consultancy is what you're looking for!

Parenting Consultancy

I'm Carine Kielstra and I'm your personal parenting coach. Together we can change the negative interactions in your family, by analyzing why your child behaves the way he or she does. You're the expert of your child and I'll teach you strategies to change your child's and your own behaviour. 

I specialize in expat families and I work at the International School of Amsterdam. I support your child in school, in the classroom, during recess and in individual sessions and I also work with you as parents. You as parents are the biggest change agents for your child and you have a long-lasting and sustainable influence on your child's development. 

The most effective way to change your child's behavior is if parents, teachers and coaches work together and apply the same strategies for change. This creates a predictable, structured and consistent environment for children, which helps them to thrive!